About SN

I’m Ali and nutrition is my JAM!

I am a holistic nutritionist who is passionate about sharing good food and educating people on how to eat SIMPLY!

This is a space where I offer nutrition services, share SIMPLE recipes and science based education on how food affects our bodies and ultimately - our entire life! It is my goal to make it easy for you to live whole, eat well and feel amazing!  

Many of you are already health conscious and working daily to better yourself! My programs and advice are here to help evaluate what you are currently eating and find what works best for your body. That being said, these programs are for YOU. I do not strive for myself or others to eat a ‘perfect’ diet but rather design a plan that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!

You'll find my recipes are focused on a plant-based meals that are made up of whole, fresh foods that have all the key vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and energy that we need to live our busy lives! It’s about taking small steps, using these recipes and my guidance to get you to where you want to be that is lasting, sustainable and enjoyable!

Like all of you, I am on my own journey to becoming my most balanced, healthy self. It's a process that takes time, practice and patients. I'm so excited you are here! Now let's get goin', I'm SO eager to help! 

Ideals behind SIMPLICITY 

Food impacts our lives in so many beautiful ways ranging from cell nourishment all the way to emotional, physical and social wellbeing. I live and teach by the saying; eat what God has created. By that I mean, our bodies thrive on wholesome, nutrient-dense food that are unrefined, raised organically, prepared thoughtfully and eaten with intention and attention. 

Eating SIMPLY gives our bodies a rest from the overly processed, chemically driven world we live in. It refreshes and resets our body's systems so they work more effectively together. It also helps boost metabolism, brings out our confidence and aims to treat daily symptoms you maybe having or feeling. 

I know it doesn’t always seem simple and I know it can be confusing and frustrating! That’s why I am here – to keep it easy and most importantly, show you how SIMPLE WORKS.


My first advice

1.    Re-evaluate! What are you putting in your body? How much of your food comes from a box, jar or package? 

2.    Eat mindfully; it can be so SIMPLE...feed your body when you are hungry and stop when you are full! This is called 'Reading your hunger'. 

3.     Prepare your foods yourself. That way you know exactly what's going into you!

4.     Eat S.O.U.L foods as much as possible; ones that are Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, Local

5.     Build your plate with mostly plant-base foods; 40% coming from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and beans and 20% from protein or other ingredients. 

6.     Stay hydrated in between meals and all day long with filtered water and herbal teas. 

7.     Eat beneficial fats; from olive/coconut oil, sprouted nuts and seeds, coconut and avocado; the kinds the are vital to our health on the cellular level! 

8.     Add booster foods to snacks and meals at least one time a day! Like chia/ flax/hemp seeds, seaweeds, spices, herbs

9.     Get enough fiber, close to 25 g a day! 

10. Limit or avoid sugars AND artificial sugars; not just the treats but those with added sweeteners and syrups