Community Work


networking & events

Looking to work with a local nutritionist? Whether you are in the health industry, wanting to bring more awareness of food to your audience or collaborate for an event, I’d love to connect!

Here are some of the companies I have worked with in the past and events I have held:

business lunch & learn

I bring my knowledge and practice of simplistic nutrition to your office and employees. I outline the importance of eating a whole foods based diet and provide easy ways to implement new healthy habits into a busy lifestyle. My goal is to make eating healthy both sustainable and realistic in order to fade away from fad dieting and towards eating for health and longevity. How we perform on a daily basis starts with the food we fuel our bodies and mind with.

Your employees will learn how to start eating intuitively, discover why ingredients are more important than calories, how to shop for food & eat out at restaurants plus balance traveling and staying on track. Topics can also be customized to suit your employees interests and needs.


  • Drive productivity and growth with a more focused and engaged workforce

  • Lower health risks & health care costs

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Help sustain a high employee morale

  • Increase positive energy around the office

*Price varies

Shifting Nutrition packaged Gluten Free/Vegan Granola Bars, sold at all 3 locations.

Shifting Nutrition packaged Gluten Free/Vegan Granola Bars, sold at all 3 locations.

Recipe & menu development

For 3+ years I have been apart of Rosie’s Place recipe development team bringing rotating seasonal items to their menu and 100% homemade bakery line. I focus primarily on gluten free, vegan meals and treats using fresh, local and organic ingredients as much as possible.

I would love to help bring more life and love to your restaurant’s menu! Please contact me to further discuss a collaboration.

*Price varies per content & service