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Personalized Program Options

 3 Month Program

price: $575

*Payment Plan Available

You feel like you’ve tried everything but are still frustrated and feeling stuck! I’ve even there. Maybe you’re struggling with daily digestive issues like bloating/gas, or have been tested for things like SIBO / IBS / or bacteria overgrowth. It’s my goal to keep nutrition simple and teach you along the way so you feel confident in eating a wholefoods meal plan that is properly portioned for your body and activity level. We work together to discover the underlying reason why you are feeling the way you are and what foods cause your symptoms. We make shifts in what foods you are eating and your daily lifestyle. Within 3 months, we find what works best for YOUR body by calming inflammation to ease and diminish symptoms, increase your energy levels, improve brain fog and concentration, deepen your sleep, improve your workout recovery plus finally lose the extra weight. A healthy and happy gut equals a healthy metabolism and a healthy body. Let’s make healthy eating enjoyable, sustainable and work for YOU!

*Note : This plan includes more healing practices, herbal & natural supplements and personal attention that the 1 or 2 month plans or Bridal Package below.


  • 1, 60 minute initial session + 6, 30 minute follow ups

  • Delicious, easy recipes that fit your daily routine

  • Individualized meal plan + proper portion sizes + specific recommended foods for your goals, body type and blood type

  • Supplement recommendations + herbal remedies + holistic lifestyle guidance

  • Nutrition education through guides, research articles and reading materials to learn nutrition on a deeper level

  • Create an ongoing, healthy lifestyle that works and rid the dieting forever!

“I’m in tears! This customizable program has truly changed my life!”

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 2 Month Program

price: $350.00

*Payment Plan Available

Truly ready to commit to a healthier you? No more yo-yo dieting - let’s find what balances YOU! This plan is the most popular because in 2 months, we ensure that we find what foods your body does well with and what maybe holding you back from seeing and feeling the results you want. We dig a bit deeper into to healing properties of foods in order to bring your body into balance. This includes herbal remedies, daily detoxification techniques and whole-foods based supplements that go alongside your new eating plan. You finish the plan having confidence moving forward that you know exactly what to do, what to eat and in what portions. Let’s work together to set new habits that make healthy eating easy, gain your energy back, improve your sleep, lose the excess weight, improve our workout recovery time and so much more! 

*Note : This plan includes more healing and has more self-attention than the 1 month and the Bridal Package below.


  • 1, 60 minute initial session + 4, 30 minute follow ups

  • Individualized meal plan - portions sizes provided

  • Simple, throw-together-recipes

  • Bi-weekly adjustments as needed

  • Discussion/research/book recommendations over latest information that attains to you/diet fads and current health trends

  • Option to include a spouse for an additional cost

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1 Month - Fresh Start Program

PRICE: $225

This program is intended to give you a fresh start by helping you create new health habits, explore mindful eating and develop an understanding of what your body’s unique nutritional needs are to help you conquer your goals. Shift away from eating refined, conventional foods and towards eating a whole-foods based diet. Plus, start to understand how food can heal your body from daily symptoms like digestive upset, bloating/gas, fatigue, skin problems and so much more. Are you confused and don’t know where to start? This program is just what you need! 

What you get:

  • 1, 60 minute initial session + 2, 30 minute follow ups

  • Personalized plan catered towards your lifestyle, food preferences & workout routine

  • Simple yet delicious daily recipes

  • Weekly adjustments to the plan as needed

  • Tips and tricks on how to keep it all easy & simple!

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I look at food is medicine and its powerful ability to heal our bodies bringing them back into balance. Being out of balance is what causes inflammation, gut issues/ digestive upset and further symptoms to arise. Whether you are battling an illness or looking to lose weight to better your physique, it all starts with what we chose to put into our bodies on a daily basis and whether or not our unique body type can digest, absorb and utilize that food!

Left: girls trip mid May 2018 Center: bachelorette trip early August 2018 Right: 3 days before the wedding September 2018

Left: girls trip mid May 2018 Center: bachelorette trip early August 2018 Right: 3 days before the wedding September 2018

Weekend before starting the program, wedding day!

Weekend before starting the program, wedding day!

Celebrating her big day compared to the day she bought the dress!

Celebrating her big day compared to the day she bought the dress!

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3 Month Bridal Package

PRICE: $675

*Payment Plan Available

Working up to your big day is SO EXCITING yet can be stressful and very overwhelming! And let me guess…toning up to both look and feel your absolute best has already crossed your mind! Yes, movement and exercise matter but 80% counts for what you are putting into your body rather than what you are doing with it!

Let’s leave the stress behind, find balance between enjoying your engagement and leaning out, learn what foods will best benefit your unique body and build a lifestyle that you and your partner will enjoy far beyond your wedding day, together!

What you get:

  • Start with a 7 day seasonal cleanse

  • 55+ healthy recipes (including filling breakfasts, prepared lunches, quick dinners and an abundance of snacks!)

  • 1 initial phone call to personalize your plan according to your body, lifestyle and workout routine

  • Weekly typical grocery list + prep list

  • Guides on : keeping stress & inflammation low, how much you should be eating out + how to drink & enjoy celebrating your engagement

  • Continual contact via e-mail throughout the program for appropriate bi-weekly adjustments, additional support and motivation

  • Discounts on products + whole-food supplement recommendations that support your body and really jump start your metabolism to do the trick, naturally!

    ** BONUS : For each of your bridesmaids, mother and/or mother-in-law that join you, you receive $50 your plan! They then receive a separate plan for a price of $225.00. Contact me for more info!

    **ADDITIONAL: Final week in-home meal cooking! Let me come prep and pamper you the final few days before you say “I Do!”. Message me for details, additional cost applies.

    **ADDITIONAL: Wanting more time together than 3 months? E-mail me, let’s chat!

Seasonal Cleanses

Next Group Cleanse : Oct. 2019

PRICE : $45.00


Come cleanse with me! There will be a chosen week in October that we will be cleansing as a group - everyone together, chatting and supporting each other through out the week! This is a gentle one, no juicing or restriction allowed! Instead, we will be supporting the body and our natural detox pathways so they work effectively, just as they are meant to! We will focus on certain foods and drinks at certain times of the day to make this go smoothly and leave you feeling nothing short of amazing to finish out the year!

What you get:

  • Grocery list

  • Guided- video meal prep

  • Day by day guidelines on what to eat & drink

  • Great education info on “why” we should cleanse & truly what it means

  • Proven supportive, safe, whole-foods + herbal supplements to make this the most effective cleanse you’ve ever done!

  • + my help in the Facebook group every step of the way!

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Single 7 Day Cleanse

PRICE: $45.00

This cleanse can be done anytime, anywhere for a consecutive 7 days! It contains all the same information listed above without video content or the support of a group. You will still be able to contact me via e-mail if need be for any help and to answer questions along the way. This is a great cleanse if you are looking to feel refreshed, jump start your metabolism, start to figure out what works best in YOUR body, clear your mind, improve your energy and lessen digestive distress.

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Single 3 Day Cleanse

PRICE: $25.00

Don’t have a full 7 days to devote to a deep cleanse but still want to gain the benefits? 3 days is a great amount of time to give our bodies a little R&R. There are some minor changes but it is a shortened version of the 7 day offer! 


  • Improved digestion/bloating/cramping/stomach upset

  • Deeper sleep

  • More focused mind and clearer thoughts

  • Feeling light and refreshed in your body! 

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Connecting Further

I love to share my passion for living holistically and method behind eating simply to as many people as possible. If my services below align with your business, event or needs, let’s connect and collaborate!

  • Office Lunch & Learn (year-round in Portland or Seattle + seasonally in Indianapolis and St. Louis)

    • Learn how to keep nutrition easy during the busy work hours and create a healthy and happy company culture. By improving overall health awareness and daily habits, employees will benefit from having more energy, better mental focus, creativity and productivity rates. These tips can also help reduce sick-leave requests + insurance and health care costs. Plus, hiring on a nutritionist to work personally with your employees can also3 make you more competitive in the job market.

  • Recipe & Menu Development

    • Looking to bring more creativity to your restaurant’s menu, rotate seasonal items and better contribute to your customer’s health? I can help! After 4+ years of content creation and recipe development, I understand how to keep cost within budget, properly combine ingredients for taste/texture/smell, bring additional nutrition value to a dish and of course, please a crowd!

  • Event Booth

    • Having a public event with vendors? I can provide information about my services, sample healthy treats/snacks + supply recipes for attendees to walk away with. I’d love to attend and bring more awareness to your community about the powerful ability food has on our bodies!



The most common excuse I hear is  "I'm too busy right now to focus on a full meal plan." Truth is, we are always going to be busy and something is always going to stand in our way unless we make the time for ourselves and taking care of our bodiesYou are worth it and there's no better time than now!  


"I initially came to Ali to help find a balance between my workouts and getting the proper nutrition I needed. She taught me how to nutritionally balance my meals in order to maximize energy and optimize the nutritional benefits of the food I'm consuming.  Within a few weeks I could see and feel the positive impact from the changes I had made. I can't believe how far I’ve come within a year!! It has been such a fun journey!"



"I bought the Spring Meal Plan recently and it was SO WORTH IT! I’m not a big cook and some of these recipes were the best things I’ve ever made myself! Can’t wait for the summer addition to come out!"



"As a dude, I’ve never put so many healthy things into my cart at the grocery store. I thought “no way was this cleanse going to last past the first smoothie”. I was totally wrong! The recipes were so easy, flavorful and they will definitely be in my normal rotation now!"

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